The Unnamable

The Unnamable, 1988

Join H. P. Lovecraft on a terrifying journey through past and present.

The time is now. The setting is Winthrop house, believed to be haunted for the past 300 years. It is rumoured that Joshua Winthrop was horribly murdered and mutilated by the creature borne of his wife.

Meanwhile, college students at nearby Miskatonic University decide to disprove the rumours by spending the night in the house. They are later joined by Carter who now takes the legends more seriously when he learns that his buddy has disappeared there.

Together, they come face to face with the unspeakably horrifying creature. Hearts pound and pulses race as it stalks their every step. Who will live and who will die? Don’t miss the incredible climax when the nightmare come in life in …

H. P. Lovecraft’s The Unnamable

The monster on the cover looks so goddamned cool, but they barely even showed it in the movie except for the last 5 minutes. Big let down. 68%.

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