Bruiser, 2000

Henry Creedlow wakes up one morning to find his face is gone. The mirror reflects only an anonymous, featureless phantom.

Bent on revenge he sets out to get his own back from the people who have done him wrong. The wife who has been cheating on him for years, the best friend who has been robbing him blind and the boss who has treated him like dirt.

Revenge has no face and this time Henry is playing by his own rules!

So there’s this guy, Henry, and he always does what other people tell him to do, at work and at home. His boss throws a BBQ party, and while he’s there he sees his wife jacking off the boss. On the way back home, he has an argument with her and she drives off while he’s left at home by himself.

The next morning, he wakes up without a face. Then he catches the maid stealing from him and he kills her. From here on, he goes around killing the people who have pissed him off over the years.

What the hell is up with this? How can you wake up with no face? There’s no explanation throughout the entire film of why or how it got like that, except at the end, once Henry’s finally stood up for himself, his face comes back. Still doesn’t make sense to me.

This movie pretty much sucked. There was a cool bit at the start though. Some lady pushed in front of him while he was getting on a train, and he pulled her off, threw her to the ground and started beating the shit out her. Then they rolled toward the train tracks and she got her head run over. It was cool! But then it turns out he was just imagining it and it didn’t happen – pffft.



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