Maniac Nurses Find Ecstasy

Maniac Nurses Find Ecstasy, 1990

In a remote, castle fortress, a sinister sorority of surgically skilled sisters lie and wait of their next victim! They control a bevy of caged women who have been brainwashed and sponged-bathed to become the world’s most anatomically awesome surgeons.

This is the gut-wrenching story of one innocent girl, Sabrina, who finds herself trapped in a living nightmare. Captive to a slavery ring that is training an army of men-hating, feminist fiends,
Sabrina learns that she will play a pivotal role in the cruel diabolical plot of Ilsa the Dominatrix.

Not since BLOODSUCKING FREAKS has the screen served up so much SEX AND SLAUGHTER!

Their weapons are sterile, their bodies are fertile and any thought of escape is futile!

Maniac Nurses Find Ecstasy! You better hope they don’t find you first!

So.. the plot.. umm… there’s these nurses who.. are maniacs…. and they lounge around carrying guns and occasionally they kill someone. And then they complain.

Would you look at that video cover? Lesbians dressed up like nurses and it’s rated R. Could it get any better? Is there any way in the world that this movie could possibly be a dud?

Apparently so.  For fuck’s sake, I mean, if I wanted to watch a bunch of nurses – ugly nurses, mind you, not the ones on the cover – then I’d go down to the fucking hospital. Sure, they wouldn’t have guns, and they would be wearing more than just lingerie, but it would be more fucking interesting!!!

I don’t even want to go into any more detail. As soon as somebody invents an emoticon for flipping the bird, I’m gonna put it right here: ____.



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