The Lamp

The Lamp, 1987

Galveston, Texas 1893. The lamp – an exotic artifact dating from 3,500 BC makes its arrival in America from the Middle East, via a strange and perilous journey on a ship mysteriously pagued by deaths.

90 years later, robbers break into the home of the Lamp’s current owner – an old lady. After ransacking the house and uncovering the Lamp they murder the lady in cold blood.

Unwittingly, they let loose an evil ‘Genie’ who doesn’t like to be rubbed up the wrong way. Next stop is the local museum where a bunch of students are partying on Halloween night. The Genie is on the rampage and the orgy of deaths begins…

I hadn’t read the blurb on the back until I typed it up just then, and let me tell you that there are some details up there that weren’t in the film at all.

The film starts off in a poorly lit room and it’s hard to see what’s happening. But of course, you read the blurb and you know that we’re on a haunted boat on it’s way to America.

Then, we come to the present day and some robbers are trying to steal an old lady’s cash. They find the lamp, release the genie (who is only a green blob of CGI) and they get killed. The cops come and investigate, they find the lamp, they send it off to the museum, and it gets studied.

The ararchaeologist’s daughter screws around with it, puts on a mysterious bracelet that she can’t get off, and gets possessed. She sneaks a few of her friends into the museum after closing hours and they start getting killed.

Until reading the blurb, I didn’t know that it was Halloween. Even so, that doesn’t make any difference.

Someone needs to go and slap the movie’s director and tell him to make sure he includes vital plot-points in the film.

Other than that, the movie was okay. It looked really really good going by the images on the back of the video, but I guess I should’ve learnt my lesson by now.

They should have done some better deaths, and thought a little more about the storyline.

If anyone wants to borrow this video, I’ve got it, so ask me.



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