Blood For Dracula

Blood For Dracula, 1974

aka Andy Warhol’s Blood For Dracula.

Andy Warhol and Paul Morrissey have once again teamed up to revamp a classic horror tale into a wild combination of sex, gore and comedy. Young Count Dracula attempts to find the blood of a virgin girl in a house full of promiscuous women.

Sex and gore galore from Andy Warhol.

Dracula is sick. He needs to go to another country to find some virgins and suck their blood. So he goes to another country and moves into a house where live four sisters. Sounds good.

Oh, hang on, I left out some information (much like the blurb on the video):

Firstly, Dracula is a fucking prissy pretty boy who does nothing but whine about how fucking sick he is.

Next: the sisters don’t have lesbian sex (despite the above images suggesting otherwise).

Third: Andy Warhol is a fucking tool.

I’ve never known anything about Mr. Warhol, except for the fact that he did a Marilyn Monroe painting and something with a soup can (is that the same guy?). Well, I now also know that he is crap at making movies.



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