Braindead, 1992

The movie starts off with a couple of guys stealing a “rat-monkey” from some island somewhere. One of the guys gets bitten by it, and the other guys kill him.

Cut back to civilisation, and the rat-monkey is being kept at a zoo. It bites an old lady, she gets infected, she kills people, they get infected, and so on.

There’s a fair bit more to the story, but I can’t be screwed typing it up, so go hire it and figure it out yourself.

Well well well… this is quiiite a movie. I think you should buy it. That’s how good it is.

If more horror movies were like this, I’d be a much happier little boy. There was violence left right and center. And not only was it violence, it was DAMN GOOD violence. REALLY damn good violence. And gross, too. I can’t really describe it. Wait, yes I can. I was watching it with Hayley, and she kept going “Ewww” about everything five minutes. I think that describes it well.



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