Poor White Trash II

Poor White Trash II, 1974

The Backwoods of America contain more than just peace and tranquility. A holiday weekend for Helen and Paul evolves into a nightmare after Paul is brutally murdered. Helen flees from the killer in terror and stumbles into Otis Pickett. He gives her refuge in his shack with his family, which soon becomes more of a prison than a safe haven. The horrifying events which follow build to a suspensful and gripping climax.

To start off, I need to point out that the first couple of minutes of the movie wasn’t on the tape. It was a dubbed copy, and whoever dubbed it is a fucking dipshit, because, like I said, they cut off the start of it.

Luckily, they didn’t cut off the husband (“Paul”) getting murdered. No, it wasn’t good effects. And no, it wasn’t gory or clever. It was stupid and lame, but it was still probably the highlight of the film.

The movie pretty much sucked, I can’t even be bothered typing up this review for it. Don’t hire it.



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