The Lawnmower Man

The Lawnmower Man. 1992

Tonight I sat down to enjoy this, although the problem was that I didn’t enjoy it.

It was soooooo bad. I was close to turning it off within the first five minutes, but I was under the impression it was meant to be quite a good movie, so I kept it on. It did pick up a bit, but it was barely worth watching. I found myself continually looking at the timecode and groaning. It was quite painful at 60 minutes knowing I was only half way there.

I actually fell asleep at the end, I probably missed the last 20 minutes or so, but I was so uninterested I don’t think I’ll be bothering to re-watch the end.

The acting was so shit. Even Pearce Brosnan was a joke. And some of the virtual reality scenes were so daggy. I know it’s really old and at the time it was probably mind-blowing but now it is utter shit.

So yeah, no beans!


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