The Box

The Box, 2009

Here’s what I knew about it going in:

A small wooden box arrives on the doorstep of a married couple, who know that opening it will grant them a million dollars and kill someone they don’t know.

Pretty damn interesting. Add to that the fact it was by the Donnie Darko guy, and it’s GOTTA be interesting, right??

Maybe I was holding out for too much and expecting another Donnie Darko, but I thought it was a real let down.

Like, it was a good movie, great concept and shit, but when it came to the end and the explanation, I didn’t feel blown away by having all these realisations of how things fit into one another and why things were happening… they just sort of said “everything is happening this way because of this” and I wasn’t satisfied. In the end it was like, “An alien from space uses this guy’s body and makes him do things to test the human race” but that was the end of it. No further explanations at all. Meh.

Also, the concept of the box is that someone they don’t know will die. And then when they do press it, it turns out that the person who died is the wife of a dude the main guy works with. I thought surely that would tie in somehow, but it didn’t really, besides the fact the old guy used to work with them. Which made me wonder why all these previous box people have been from the same area, when at the end they move states away…….???

Bah. Someone should go see it so we can discuss.

7/10 beans (it was still an alright movie).

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