Amityville: Dollhouse

Amityville: Dollhouse, 1996

Another 1.5/10 rating. Total turd, bar a few small laughs. The guy’s wife was pretty sexy too.

Apparently the main character built the house himself, it took him 10 months (so he says to his son), but then he goes out to an old shed and looks inside for the first time. Wouldn’t you already have looked inside at SOME point over the last 10 months you’ve been building the friggen place? What about even before that when you’re looking at the property??

There was a bit when the son and his girlfriend Dana were having sex in the shed when some old beetle started attacking them. Dana ran inside to tell the olds and Billy stayed to fight the bug. But he bangs his head on a table and as a result the bug is able to make its way inside his ear! The parents come to the rescue though and pour a bottle of straight alcohol into his ear canal to kill it. Wouldn’t that be bad for you? Like, it’s not a swab of ethanol, it was a bottle of Bourbon. I dunno, I reckon it’d hurt.

Anyway, crap movie, thankfully it was the last Amityville I own. This is part 8 but I don’t own parts 5-7 so I may never see them.


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