Avatar, 2009

Tonight we tried again for Avatar 3D and after aiming for the 4:30 session we ended up getting the 8pm one, and still five rows from the front. But it was fine.

The movie, on the other hand……… was okay. The 3D effects were really cool and the visuals of the whole movie were really amazing. Really cool creatures and the whole Pandora planet or whatever it was was incredible. I still didn’t really like the way the aliens looked but I got used to it pretty quickly. But jesus christ could the thing get any more cliché?? All the predictable plot points, the stereotypical characters (hard-arse army sarge, the suit who gave the go-ahead but you could tell he had moral concerns, the chopper pilot who ignored orders, the main character we’re meant to have empathy for.. even amongst the aliens there were predictable characters), the script at some points… give me a BREAK!

Maybe I’m just being harsh but seriously I think this is a case of special effects dazzling people so they go easy on the actual movie. So yeah…7/10 beans.


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