Paranormal Activity 2

Paranormal Activity 2, 2010

I hadn’t heard a good thing about it (besides their trailers) but I really enjoyed it. The thing that disappoints me most about “scary” movies is that they aren’t truly scary… they just give you frights. Like it’ll be quiet and then all of a sudden something jumps outta somewhere and there’s a loud noise and you shit your pants. But you weren’t scared, you just got scared. I though PA was able to really give you chills and didn’t rely on those shitty techniques. I think it deserves 7.5/10 beans.

Re-reading what I thought about the first one, I think it applies to the second, too.

I really liked how it tied into the first one. It was great, in fact. I didn’t expect it to be anything like that.

As for the actual movie…

It kinda felt like the events were building up (which was fine) and then when it got to the point where Christi was being dragged down the stairs I was thinking “Fuck yeah, here we go!” because that was awesome. But then it kind of just wrapped everything up and ended. I would’ve liked a bit more between there and the ending.

The two best scenes for me in terms of being scary were when she was in the kitchen and all the cupboards flung open and then when she was getting dragged down the stairs, especially how it happened twice. Besides that, I didn’t find much of it scary. The baby walking around was kind of strange but nothing happened. Same with the dog scene.

Worst line in the entire movie was the Dad near the end after his daughter showed him the footage.. he goes “She tried to warn me… I didn’t listen….” hahahaha LAME. Most pathetic part of the movie, and then he goes and gets the lady to come back to bless the house and shit. That bit was just retarded. In fact I didn’t really like the housemaid’s role in it at all.

All in all, I’d say it was slightly better than the first. 7.75/10 beans.


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