30 Days Of Night

30 Days Of Night, 2007

The DVD had a quote on the back saying “best vampire movie ever!”. That’s a big statement. I’m not huge on vampire movies. There’s a few cool ones but vampires don’t do it for me like zombies or psycho killers do. But this one was pretty good. There were two really lame parts but all in all, a fine vampire movie. 8/10 beans.

After having seen Boogeyman and Darkman a few months earlier and being surprised at Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert’s involvement, the credits started rolling on this, what two names popped up? Sami Raimi and Robert fucking Tapert! Crazy shit. And thinking back on the movie, there were several aspects which it had in common with Boogeyman and Drag Me To Hell.

I wonder how many other movies they’ve been involved with that I own….


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