Zombie Nation

Zombie Nation, 2004

Boy oh boy. This was down at Cashies and Jarryd told me about it. It said it was by the director of Boogeyman, which got me excited, because that was good enough for me to give it 8 beans. However, when I got down there, I noticed it was the director of THE Boogeyman. And it was released by Flashback Entertainment. They do the DVDs you can get at Asian shops for $2. So I didn’t buy it.

The cover did look somewhat appealing, so I looked it up on IMDB to see what rating it got given. 1.6/10. Wow. That’s pretty low. Almost comparative to Zaat, I thought. So I went to the IMDB bottom 100 movies to see what Zaat’s rating was. And there I saw it:

10. 1.6 Zaat (1975) 2,182
11. 1.6 Zombie Nation (2004) 3,968


This was Thursday afternoon, and I was seeing Jordy that night so I brought it up with him and we agreed we would have to get it and watch it. I went back the next day and thankfully nobody else had bought it.

We watched it yesterday and it truly was a terrible film. Horrible even.

The zombie on the front cover? Nowhere to be seen in the film. I can’t find any images of what they were really like on the net so I’ll post one tonight. They were a horrible excuse for zombies and the images on the cover (and the inside cover) were most misleading.

The acting was disastrous. The script – woeful. The plot (if you could call it that) was poorly structured and confusing. The movie ended with so many questions left unanswered. Some that I would have liked resolved:

  • Why does the cop live in a loft above a furniture store?
  • Why did the voodoo ceremony carried out on ONE lady bring five back from the dead?
  • What was the deal with all the arse-slapping experiments?
  • What happened to Vitalio and his pregnant wife?
  • What was the deal with the Fight Club scene?
  • Is it safe?

Possibly the funniest part about it was that it seemed every single interior shot in the film was filmed in the same warehouse. They didn’t even try to cover the giant industrial piping running through was was supposed to be a police station. At one point (which was meant to be a flashback) you could see the crookedness of a door frame which was clearly just made out of cardboard. lol. And there was another part where they were using film lights on an officer’s desk as if it were a lamp!!

The zombies were not only stupid looking, but stupid behaving. They alternated between slow, staggering, brain dead creatures, to foxy women who were seducing men, driving cars and having fluid conversation!! Insanity.

A truly horrid film which probably should receive a score of zero, although the amount of laughs it gave me should bump it up a little.

1 bean out of 10.

Here’s something I found on imdb:

Marathon Man (1976)
– a doctor (who looks and acts like Laurence Olivier’s character) repeatedly asks “Is it safe?”

That’s interesting. So it wasn’t meant to be a serious scene, it was a piss-take???

Some funny comments from imdb:

You know when sometimes you hear a really, really lame joke and feel like strangling yourself? This is how I reacted watching a bit of the movie. It’s just so, so bad I want to cry.

where the heck do they get that face on the cover from?

there was not one minute in this horrible film where anybody looked like that. the zombies had black eyeshadow around their eyes! for crying out loud this is most definitly withouyt a doubt the worst movie ever made.


Things I loved in this movie:

Awesome trance music playing as a guy gets his penis ripped off and eaten.
The stage lights used as lamps by the cops.
When the guy escapes from cannibilistic zombies (effortlessly), then drives to his boat and calmly goes to bed!

Favorite lines:

“Is it safe? Is it safe? Is it.. saaafe? Is it safe?! Is it safe?”
“That bitch is jaywalking!”
“The store is closed-sed. The store is closed.”
“–ook buddy, I need a *beep* sofa tonight if you wanna keep this sale you better stop acting like a naughty little boy, and open the *beep* store!”


I love how they eat him, yet he comes out of the ocean, as a full body, in a cop uniform no less…………..

Reading some more user reviews on imdb and one of them had the following line:

hope that you won’t realize Uli didn’t bother to write out the hero who disappears halfway through the movie due to real-life hospital visit
Interesting.I looked up the actor and tried to find some mention of this but there was nothing. Couldn’t find anything on Google, but I did stumble on the actor’s Facebook. So I sent him a message and ask if he could shed any light on the situation! I hope he replies.
Here is the blurb from the back of the DVD:
ZOMBIE NATION . It is a horror movie about living dead zombies that are returned to life in a strange voodoo ceremony. It’s a political comment on the power the police have over our lives. It is a comedy. It is scary. It is beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. Director Ulli Lommel concocted one of the most original thrillers ever made. As one film critic put it, ZOMBIE NATION is “A wild mix of zombie chicks, bad cops, and voodoo snakes.”
Once again, here is the zombie on the DVD cover:
And here is one of the zombies from the movie:
Hmmm…… :-S
I got a Facebook reply from the actor who was written out of the film:
yea i was in the hospital for a day in a half, production didnt like that too much and didnt believe me, i think they actually ridiculed me for it on the dvd commentary. hey what can you do. thanks for emailing me.
He was probably one of the better actors on there. And they ridiculed him?? Talk about nerve. I’m going to get a copy of the American DVD with the commentary.
Just to crap on about the movie a bit more, I found this picture of three of the zombies:
You can see what I mean about how they don’t know whether to be scary or sexy or somewhere in between. LOL.
I’d be up for watching this again. It would be interesting to see if I could understand the story any better.

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