Zombie Nation

Zombie Nation, 2004

Watching the movie a second time, it certainly wasn’t any ‘better’. It did, however, make a little bit more sense. But I wouldn’t consider a movie you have to watch twice to ‘kinda’ understand a good movie.

Anyway, the fight club scene that appears to take place in an abandoned warehouse? So obviously it’s just the same warehouse they film the entire movie in, but I realised that the guy fighting Vitalio is one of the crooked cops that Vitalio’s mate reported the killer cop to. So, he figured punching on with him would teach him to mind his own business. Although I still don’t understand why you’d gather a crowd for such a lesson, nor why his wife is there cheering on the fight. Nor why swigging tequila afterwards would be a good idea. :S

Ulli Lommel himself stars in the film as the doctor in a wheelchair who asks “is it safe?” continuously. He is also in the crowd cheering on the fight! At first I thought he was actually in the wheelchair, too, but I went to get a screenshot and no, it’s just a couch that for some reason he has pulled up fight-side.

Another thing I noticed while getting that screenshot was someone calling “CUT!” on the scene. Haha. Only they don’t yell it “CUT!”, they just say”cut…” like they can’t wait to get the fuck outta there and go home!

And, in regard to the “is it safe?” scene… as I quoted previously from IMDB, it’s a take-off of Marathon Man. I found a clip on YouTube:


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