Bikini Island

Bikini Island, 1991

I watched this at Jarryd’s recommendation, knowing how much I love bad movies. And it was bad. Some hilarious scenes in it. My favourite was probably at the end when one guy got shot through the neck with an arrow while driving a van. He continued to drive it down the road, then off the road, through forest, across an open grass area and off a cliff, with a fantastic scream as the van left the ground. Awesome. Why he could manage to drive but not apply the brakes was beyond me, but it was worth the result. 2/10 beans. There were lots of tits and also bad 90s music and fashion.

Oh, and also, it says at the start “Based in part on a true story” hahaha. No it’s not.

The more I think about it, the more I enjoyed it.


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