Curse Of The Zodiac

Curse Of The Zodiac, 2007

Jordy wanted to put this on instead of a movie called Ants, about ants that kill people but are just normal-sized ants, not giant ones. 40 minutes in he was groaning and begging for us to stop watching! I refused.

So, this is by Ulli Lommel, the genius behind Zombie Nation. You may have noticed that already, as it does say right there on the cover that this is Ulli Lommels’s Curse Of The Zodiac.

Now, I’ve gotta admit, this wasn’t as good as Zombie Nation. It probably had better production value, but as far as which movie was more enjoyable, it’s Zombie Nation for me. I got a few laughs out of this but nothing to write home about. Except for one scene featuring the cop and the girl who has visions of the Zodiac Killer. She was trying to explain what she sees to him, and his responses were nothing short of hilarious. In fact, even though the film was painful to sit through, I’d probably do it again just for this one scene. Utter brilliance.

1/10 beans.

edit: after checking over my post I noticed the Zodiac Killer is wearing a hoodie on the front cover.. strange because he’s proudly showing off his bald head the entire length of the film!!


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