Rest In Pieces

Rest In Pieces, 1987

I’ve always wanted to see this movie since I got a magazine called SplatterZone in about 1993. It came with a little bonus magazine called the Splatter Bible, and it’s a list of the 50 greatest horror movies of all time (so they say). Anyway I’ve still got it (which means it’s nearly 20 years old now!!) and I’ve been wanting to see everything in there.

Rest In Pieces is in it, and it’s got a picture of the VHS cover. I can’t find any images of this version online*, but it looked sick, it had this rotted corpse and the flesh had come away from the face, you could see all the teeth and the hair looked really gross, like it had been there for ages and just slowly decomposed. It looked so awesome, especially way back then, but none of the video stores we used to go to ever had it, so I’d never ended up seeing it.

Anyway, I finally found a mediocre VHS rip on some torrent site, and I’ve now actually seen it after all these years.

I won’t say too much more about it… 5/10 beans Less if I factor in my disappointment.

*the image used here is a scan from the Splatter Bible – it was pretty small, hence the dodgy quality!


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