Robocop, 2014

After sitting through 25 minutes of previews (actually, make that 7 minutes max of previews, 18 minutes of ads), staring into the camera phone of the guy sitting in front of me who took at least half a dozen selfies, and resisting the urge to punch the knob next to me who continually threw his drink bottle into the air before catching it and drinking (rather than simply picking it up from the drink holder),  I was finally able to distract myself from the reasons I don’t go to the cinema very often and enjoy the movie.

It wasn’t that great. The bad guys all looked like typical bad guys, Michael Keaton started off as likeable but by the end you are made to hate him, blah blah blah all that rubbish. Samuel L. Jackson’s character was stupid. I haven’t seen the original in a long time so I can’t make any comparisons, but this was ordinary. I still enjoyed watching it, and it was good for a few laughs at how stupid bits were. I remembered the old one being more violent.

And as if they couldn’t make a suit that was wasn’t so fucking noisy for every little movement and step he makes. Or more human and less robot-like (the armour makes sense for RoboCop but at the end when he’s re-made for his family, sheesh…).

5/10 beans.


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