The Number 23

The Number 23, 2007

When I first saw this at the cinema, I remember being really impressed with it. Watching it a second time 7 years later, it didn’t do so much for me. I still quite enjoyed it, but there were too many questions I was left asking. Why did the doctor turn his confession into a book? How many copies did he print? Why did he kill himself when confronted? To escape the number? The fact the wife had already read the book, yet flicked through it while waiting for Walter, and then purchased it for him… seemed weird. I dunno, I thought everything tied together better the first time I saw it. Maybe I’ve gotten dumber since then. Or smarter, and now I realise the holes in the film.

But, the DVD had two versions of the film: the Theatrical Version and an Unrated one. I chose the latter. Not sure how different it would be, maybe the Theatrical addressed some of my above questions?

7.5/10 beans.


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