Boogeyman, 2005

Continuing the Raimi-marathon. This movie is really good, up until the ending which I think was a bit of a let-down. I like how Tim starts to lose it and you begin to question whether the Boogeyman is actually real (being that this is a horror movie) or just in his head (psychological-horror). But then it just falls a bit flat I think. The Boogeyman doesn’t look scary, just shitty CGI, and the way he is defeated isn’t satisfying or in line with the build up. Having said that, I still enjoyed this probably just as much as the first time I saw it. 8/10 beans.

Watching this straight after seeing the Evil Dead trilogy, it was also interesting to see the similarities in certain shots or techniques used. I didn’t realise this had anything to do with Sam Raimi upon my first viewing, so I guess I was more aware this time around.


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