Redneck Zombies

Redneck Zombies, 1989

“We were making the Citizen Kane of bad movies.” – Pericles Lewnes, Director.

The above quote came from a short interview that is a bonus feature on this DVD. It’s a bad movie, no doubt, but I feel like he’s being a bit over-confident in his description.

The gore in this movie was pretty awesome in parts, and definitely great for most of it, but the actual film itself stinks. I think I’ve said this before somewhere, but I’ll say it again: a movie that tries to be serious, but sucks, can be funny. But a movie that tries to be funny, but sucks, it seriously sucks. This was one of those films. We started watching it last night, but it was too bad for Penny to get through it so we turned it off and I finished it this morning. It’s painful, but the gore at least made up for it. Partly.

There’s another interview on the disc with the writer and special effects guy, which is a bit more interesting and realistic than the director’s.

3/10 beans. Double that if I was just rating on gore.


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