Problem Child 2

Problem Child 2, 1991

Penny and I started watching this one Saturday night but it was too bad and she couldn’t go through with it. I finished it off tonight.

The first half was just a crappy family/kids comedy where Junior was doing naughty stuff. It was really lame and not very enjoyable. The second half had an almost surreal quality to it. In the sense that the things I was seeing and hearing were so out of place for a kids movie. From the fairground spew scene onward. All that vomit, the massive piles of dog shit (in fact, that whole dog food scene was bizarre), Junior’s lines… “This woman is busting my balls”. But perhaps even more out-there was “The bitch must die!” – directed at a school girl! I guess the early 90s weren’t so PC.

It does make me scratch my head just how many times Lil’ Ben Healy allows Junior to be unsupervised after continually destroying so many things. The scene at the fairground where he goes to get fairy floss and says, “Just wait here”… what parent would do that to their kid at all, let alone to this kid??

Also, Mr. Peabody was shit in this, just an annoying wanker. I know that’s what he was in the first one too, but he was less obnoxious then.

Couldn’t help but notice a striking similarity towards the end of the film between the children and the creatures from The Brood

Problem Child 2

Problem Child 2

The Brood

The Brood


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