The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence)

The Human Centipede 3, 2015

I caught this at Cameo Cinemas in Belgrave as part of the Australian tour of the flick. I’d heard lots of people trashing the movie saying it was shithouse, but I’d also heard the same about the second one which to me is a truly great film. I was a little worried when other people said “Oh I liked the first two but this one… well…..” but I still held out hope.

It’s clearly not meant to be anything like the first two. Right from the get go, it’s clear what kind of a film this is going to be and it hits the mark perfectly. The whole thing is like a big middle finger directed at everybody. I thought the approach HC2 took in being a sequel based around the original film itself, rather than the characters in the film, was brilliant. and HC3 does the same thing brilliantly. I would almost even consider this my favourite of the trilogy, but the depravity of part 2 keeps it at number 1 spot.

I’d also won a prize pack through Monster Pictures to get some signed HC3 goodies and a meet and greet with Laurence R. Harvey before the film. Unfortunately he was running late so that did’t happen, but we still got to meet him afterwards which was awesome. He seemed like a great guy. I asked what segment he’d prefer to be in if he was part of a human centipede. He said he’s prefer not to be involved at all. Fair answer.

The whole night was awesome from start to finish and it was the most fun I’ve had seeing a movie in a long time.

9/10 beans. Which is more than what I gave part two a week ago but I stick with it.


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