Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, 2015

I knew this would suck, but cheap tickets sucked me in ($7 (plus $3 cos it’s 3D what a jib)). And, well, it sure did suck. I’m not even sure what others in the series I’ve seen, I know I didn’t see The Marked Ones but not sure before that. There were scenes at the very start of this from an earlier film, which I had seen, so maybe it just skipped The Marked Ones altogether.

Anyway, it was shit and clearly just an excuse to film scene after scene of ‘scary’ situations and try to frighten the audience. I know I shouldn’t expect much from a movie like this, but there were so many questions I kept asking myself… why didn’t the guy just show somebody else the weird black form he captured on film instead of letting them just say “it’s probably a camera glitch” when it clearly wasn’t? Why didn’t they consult the video footage after the girl went missing in her bedroom, surely they would have been curious what happened?? And why at the end, when they were putting down the salt and holy water and the entire house was shaking like mad, did they have the daughter just hanging out in her room instead of being with everybody else?? Argh. So dumb.

The 3D looked kinda cool, but everything else was pretty shit, especially the CGI and all the “this is creepy because it’s a young girl being creepy” scenes. Fuck.

2/10 beans.

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