This blog is a list of movies that I’ve seen over the years.

From October 6 1997 until a week or two into 2003, I kept a list of every single movie I watched (I didn’t include repeat viewings). I didn’t note actual viewing dates, just grouped into years, so the dates on this blog are just averaged out (ie if I saw 52 movies in a year, I’ve just spaced them a week apart).

From 2003-January 2007, there’s a pretty big gap where I’ve only filled in certain movies that I distinctly recall seeing (seeing movies at the cinema is somewhat memorable compared to just seeing something on TV or whatever).

From January 2007-December 2009, it’s reasonably complete but still missing a lot.

Movies and dates are a bit sketchy from January-August 2010. From there until June 2012, it’s reasonably complete, but would still be missing a bunch. January 2012 is filled with movies that I have no idea when I watched them, but somewhere around 2010-2012, so I just crammed them all into that one month.

Dates through 2013 will be somewhat-educated guesses, but the films themselves relatively solid.

Late 2013 is fairly complete and 2014 is when I started this dumb blog and as such everything from here onward is bang on.


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