Man vs Snake: The Long And Twisted Tale Of Nibbler


Man vs Snake: The Long And Twisted Tale Of Nibbler, 2015

That Billy Mitchell guy comes across like the biggest wanker.


After The Wave

After The Wave, 2014

After the Wave tells the untold story of Australia’s extraordinary role in what became the world’s greatest forensic detective operation. The first to appear on the ground weer a crack team of forensic experts from the Australian Federal Police who had the tough task of establishing a process to accurately identify the dead. Also explored in this documentary are the harrowing first person accounts from tsunami survivors documenting their experiences. (An SBS production) (Documentary)

Charles Manson: Then And Now

Charles Manson: Then And Now, 1992

This wasn’t too bad. I didn’t realise how dated it would be. It says 1993 on the rear cover, and 1992 on IMDB, but it seemed like something from the 80s or even 70s.

I also thought it was one long doco, but it’s two short ones – Then, and Now.  The narrator goes pretty much flat out, as if he’s trying to fit everything in to the 27 minutes of each episode. Any interviews or quotes play immediately after he finishes his sentence, then he’s straight back at it once the cutaway is done.

It was interesting, although seemed a little tabloid and speculative at parts. The most interesting parts were the audio clips from Manson, but there were only a couple. I noticed two quotes that are used on Marilyn Manson’s Portrait Of An American Family album.

Anyway… 6/10 beans.