Landmine Goes Click


Landmine Goes Click, 2015




Tenebrae, 1982

Back in the day, we used to have a white board on our family fridge for all the usual notes and lists, but along the bottom was “Last crap movie hired:”, where the last person to choose a crap movie in our regular “5 weeklies for 5 dollars” family jaunts was named and shamed, until something worse came along. I recall Mum claiming the title for a while with some horror movie about a lady alone in her home and the killer keeps phoning her (Dial M For Murder? Don’t Answer The Phone? Something…). Until I one day decided upon Tenebrae, and I think quite frankly the board was never changed again.

Not having seen this in a long time, the only other thing I really remembered about it was the scene where they look out the window at the phone booth where the killer has called. Strange that that scene sticks in my memory, given the above anecdote. But anyway, that’s all I could recall, and to be honest the movie was nowhere near as bad as I remembered/was convinced it was. Could be one of those cases where a horribly degraded and worn VHS tape just doesn’t do the movie justice. Could be that watching it on my own without family members moaning and groaning helped. Either way, not my favourite Argento but not the worst, either.

Dateless Mass

Here’s a big list of movies I watched over 2012-2013 that I have no idea on the viewing date. Some may have even been 2011. But, I’m lumping them all here, just so they have some form of entry on here.

9 Songs
Crank 2
The Final Countdown
Head On
Heavy Metal Parking Lot
The Last Horror Movie
Lost In La Mancha
Hercules In New York
My Bloody Valentine (1981)
Picnic At Hanging Rock
Street Trash
Sukiyaki Western Django
Tetsuo: Iron Man
Tetsuo: Bodyhammer