Flesh Gordon


Flesh Gordon, 1974

Shit transfer on this DVD.


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, 1974

This movie is a classic; nothing needs to be said about it. We tried watching the Universal Special Edition DVD first, but it played back with black borders on all four sides of the picture, so I swapped it for the Force one pictured above. Better, but the image quality was crap. Passable for what it is during hte light scenes, but  when it got dark there was so much blurring and washy colours… the chase scene through the sticks was  horrendous. Hard to tell how much was from the source material and how much was due to poor DVD encoding, but I’d say it was a mixture of both.

The 25th Anniversary Force Video release is a better picture quality, but the damn thing is letterboxed 4:3.

I can’t get a screenshot from the Universal one because my drive isn’t the right region.