Close Encounters Of The Third Kind

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, 1977

Well, everyone’s at least heard of this movie, I thought it was considered a classic of the UFO genre (that’s a genre, right?). I finally got around to watching it for the first time. Now, it certainly wasn’t a bad movie.. but… well…… what was the point of it?? It didn’t really go anywhere, nothing much happened… maybe back in the 70s it dazzled people with all the special effects but it didn’t do much for me. It went for over two hours, and I didn’t sit there bored, but it was a little disappointing in the end. Maybe it’s one of those movies you had to grow up watching with fond memories?


Ants, 1977

aka It Happened At Lakewood Manor.

A movie about ants that kill, but the ants are just regular sized ants, not giant ones. Sounds promising. It was pretty decent, lots of gross scenes with heaps of ants. But it got a bit slow toward the end which was a shame. There was a good scene though where three people all had to sit perfectly still and breath through a tube while ants crawled all over them. Gross.

Hitch Hike To Hell

Hitch Hike To Hell, 1977

What do innocent girls say that turns him from friend into FIEND?

They’re all hometown girls… young, pretty, shapely… hitching a ride to somewhere, anywhere to get away from home. He’s Mr. Nice Guy, helping one after another with a friendly lift in his laundry van. But when the talk talks a certain turn something inside his brain snaps – with terrible consequences. Tension builds as the police piece together the clues that lead to a sickening psychopath.

Okay so this guy’s got a job delivering laundry to his company’s customers, and on the way to their places he picks up hitch hikers (I’d never pick up a hitch hiker while delivering a pizza). Anyway, he picks them up, then he talks to them, and eventually they mention that they’re running away from home. Once they say that, the camera zooms onto the guy, corny sound effects play and his head twitches. Then he starts getting angry with them, they get scared, then he rapes and kills them.

The police get a bit worried about this serial rapist/murderer, so they set out trying to catch him.

After the first two (or maybe three, I can’t remember) hitch hikers in this movie, I thought it was gonna be really cool. It wasn’t taking itself too seriously, the storyline was pretty good; sounds like a winner. But THEN… well, I guess the guys making it got bored, because it really drifted off.

Once he got to the fourth hitch hiker, they stopped showing him killing them. He did the thing where he ‘snaps’, and then that was it.

And don’t even get me started on the ending. It was so fucking shit, I just got angry with it. It pissed me off so much. He came in to work one day, and was talking to his boss, then these two cops came out from the laundry clothes and stared at him. Cut to a shot of him in a straight-jacket in a jail cell, zoom out, and roll credits. NO!! Why didn’t somebody working on this movie say ‘no’??? It was CRAP!!!!! In summing up, only the first half of this movie was good, so hire it, watch the first three murders, then switch it off.