Friday The 13th


Friday The 13th, 1980

I’ve been putting off revisiting the Friday The 13th series for ages because I had memories of the first one being boring and pretty shit. The horrible cover art didn’t help. But I finally decided the time was right and as it turned out, it wasn’t so bad. Actually, much better than I remembered. Some of the kills were pretty brutal. The axe to the face in the showers would have to be the highlight.

What’s up with Kevin Bacon’s dick?


The Gods Must Be Crazy

The Gods Must Be Crazy, 1980

This started out great and looked like it had real potential (the bottle landing on the kid’s head was hilarious) but once the other plot elements got introduced it wasn’t as captivating for me. It was still funny, a weird slapstick-esque comedy but just not as  good as I was hoping it would be. Maybe, 6 or 7 beans6.5, I guess.

Hawk The Slayer

Hawk The Slayer, 1980

Note, May 2014: Years ago, I read a review of this movie on, and downloaded one of the sound clips. It was hilarious, and ever since I had wanted to see the full film. Well, one fateful day in August 2006, I stumbled across a DVD copy of it at Video Ezy in Lilydale. I could’t say no. It then sat on my shelf, then made its way into a box, then back onto my shelf at my own place, where it gradually gathered dust until finally I put it on. And, well… yeah, it’s a bad movie alright. Slow, boring, uninteresting… but, it was all worth it to see that classic line uttered on-screen.

“I am no messenger! But… I will give you a message. The message… of death!!”