Friday The 13th Part 2


Friday The 13th Part 2, 1981

Disappointing that there’s like 15 counselors at the camp, but half of them go out drinking and don’t even get killed. What’s the point?? Fairly good overall. Could’ve done without the 5 minutes of flashbacks at the start though.

I must have watched this one a lot as a kid, as there were a couple of scenes that really brought back memories, and they weren’t even kills (the guy jogging on the spot and flipping the bird, for one!).


Nightmare, 1981

NIGHTMARE is a terrifying trip into the mind of a man who is going mad – and trying desperately to stop himself. It begins with the very nightmare that is the source of all the terror that is to follow: A man named George is suffering through a graphic dream that depicts the axe murders of a love-making couple.

Some government guys (I don’t know.. I think they were) have been rehabilitating a schizophrenic guy, and they are making good progress until he escapes. He starts dreaming about a little boy murdering a couple and then he starts killing people as well.

Okay, just to start off this review, I need to say that the whole “dream sequence” thing wasn’t done very well. See, I didn’t think he was dreaming about some kid killing some strangers. I thought he was dreaming of a flashback to his childhood, where he walked in on his Dad, who was being slapped around in the “hurt me baby yeah” sense. SO the kid misunderstands and thinks this lady’s hurting his Dad, so he kills her. A bit extreme, yes, but that’s how I interpreted it. And guess what? I was right. Only, the filmmakers wanted me to think it was just a dream, because at the end of the movie, the made a big deal of it and it was meant to be some earth-shattering revelation.

The gore effects were pretty cool, as I presume you can see from the screenshots below. The only problem is that screenshot 1 was in the first five minutes of the movie, and screenshot 3 was in the last five minutes. And there was hardly anything in between.

So, the storyline was okay, the gore was great, only there wasn’t enough of it… and one other thing… at the end, there was a babysitter who was looking after three kids. She didn’t want to, but she did because the Mum said it would only be for two hours. Okay, so picture this: she’s babysitting three kids, for two hours. The kids are in bed. I presume that they didn’t go to bed as soon as she got there, so we’ll say, maybe an hour later. That leaves one hour until the Mum gets home. The babysitter’s sitting there watching TV when her boyfriend comes out of the cupboard, and they have sex right there on the lounge room floor. With three kids upstairs. I’m sure that if they heard them and told Mum, the babysitter would get her arse fired. And what if the Mum came home early? Huh?!?