Cujo, 1983

After sitting through so many shitty, boring horror movies from 2000+, it’s really nice to see something decent. Cujo and Splinter which I watched just before this were both such a breath of fresh air, and were actually kinda similar in that the majority of the film takes place in a single location and tries to build tension that way.

The Evil Dead

The Evil Dead, 1981

One of my favourite movies ever. Don’t know how many times I’ve seen it, but the first time was on some old rental tape from the video store and since then I’ve gone onto renting it multiple times, owning a crappy no-name VHS version of it, buying the first Australian DVD release, buying a second Australian DVD version, the US Book of the Dead and most recently buying it on bluray. It looked sweet. Great to see that classic pencil-in-the-ankle scene in such clarity!! The movie start out a bit slow, but I don’t really mind because the second half is just perfect.

I’m yet to see the remake, but I’ve heard good things and the trailer looked decent, so I might try to get onto it soon.

9.5/10 beans.

Amityville 3-D

Amityville 3-D, 1983

3/10 beans.

Totally shocking. The only thing that made it good were a few laughs at how shit it was, especially at the end when some ugly monster pops out of the bottomless pit in the basement and breathes fire into some guy’s face. Hilarious!!

Also it was made for 3D but the DVD only has it in 2D so it was shit. These pictures should give you an idea on what kinda stupid 3D shit they tried to do:

The fly one was particularly stupid. It happened in a scene where the real estate agent suffocates from having too many flies on his face. Then the guy buying the place (who looked like George W. Bush but with black hair) finds him choking and rather than try to help, just watches him make his final gasps.