Rats: Night Of Terror


Rats: Night Of Terror, 1984

Fuck this was good. At first I wasn’t sure but then once I started appreciating it from the right angle.. damn, just awesome. Gonna have to grab the Hell Of The Living Dead / Rats bluray and check out more Bruno Mattei, this might be the first of his I’ve ever seen.


The Toxic Avenger (Japanese Cut)

The Toxic Avenger, 1984

After watching the remastered high definition bluray the night before, this standard def ‘alternate Japanese cut’ certainly took me back to the Toxic Avenger I’ve always remembered – dark, muddy and sleazy. But I’d never seen the Japanese cut before. I found myself not being sure if I’d just not paid enough attention the night before, or if I was seeing new scenes. Googling it afterward, yeah, there were a bunch of extended scenes and some weird parts where they’d just repeat footage for no apparent reason. I think I’ll just stick to the high def version as my go-to Toxic Avenger from now on.