Spontaneous Combustion


Spontaneous Combustion, 1990




It, 1990

First time seeing this, having not been allowed when I was younger and always putting it off due to the length since I’ve owned it. Definitely much tamer than anything else I was watching as a child. Pretty good, kinda dark in parts, but a bit of a let down after all these years.

Night Of The Dribbler


Night Of The Dribbler, 1990

I was really excited to buy this as I had heard this was an absolute classic in the ‘so bad it’s good’ genre (that’s a genre, right?). I’m not really sure where I ever heard/read that, but i was either confused to deceived because this thing STUNK. Fucking boring, un-funny and un-gorey.

I will give it some minor credit for making me laugh once – where the equipment kid says to a character named Crunch, “The coach wants to see you, pronto” at which point another character named Pronto stood up quickly to see the coach. Haha.