It, 1990

First time seeing this, having not been allowed when I was younger and always putting it off due to the length since I’ve owned it. Definitely much tamer than anything else I was watching as a child. Pretty good, kinda dark in parts, but a bit of a let down after all these years.

Night Of The Dribbler


Night Of The Dribbler, 1990

I was really excited to buy this as I had heard this was an absolute classic in the ‘so bad it’s good’ genre (that’s a genre, right?). I’m not really sure where I ever heard/read that, but i was either confused to deceived because this thing STUNK. Fucking boring, un-funny and un-gorey.

I will give it some minor credit for making me laugh once – where the equipment kid says to a character named Crunch, “The coach wants to see you, pronto” at which point another character named Pronto stood up quickly to see the coach. Haha.

Luther The Geek


Luther The Geek, 1990

It’s been a while since I last saw this, but it was a hell of a lot better than I remembered it being. It did drag on a bit, I lost interest from pretty much the barn scene onward. But prior to that it was a reasonable semi-home invasion movie… I loved the scene at the start where Luther attacks the old lady at the bus stop. Her scream is awesome haha.

Artwork above from the 2005 Stomp release, artwork below is from the 2010 Jigsaw version.