Leprechaun, 1993

Jennifer Aniston is so annoying in this and reminds me of one of Sandra Bullock’s equally annoying “bimbo/not really a bimbo/actually maybe she is” roles. I can’t remember which movie it is though.



Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday


Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday, 1993

I’ve been looking forward to revisiting Part 9 as I had fond memories of Jason looking awesome and being tough. Unfortunately, it was quite lame. Was this shot for TV?? Even the Freddy glove at the end seemed really tacky. I guess when you’re a kid, it’s easier to get excited about things like that.

I can say, however, the whole thing was worth it just for the melting death scene. So sick.





Freaked, 1993


Killing Zoe


Killing Zoe, 1993

Haven’t seen this in ages, AGES, and I’m sure I never saw it more than a couple of times, but there were multiple lines throughout the movie that I knew word-by-word before the characters said them. Weird.


Demolition Man


Demolition Man, 1993

So bad. I lost count how many Stallone grunts I heard – during the opening sequence! 😐


Body Melt

Body Melt, 1993

One of my all time favourites. This was part of Monster Pictures’ Monster Fest and I got to get my DVD signed.. woohoo.

Monster Fest, Australia’s premiere cult film festival is proud to announce the Friday Fright Night screening at the Lido Cinema in Hawthorn at 9.30pm on 17th July will play host to a cast & crew reunion of the classic Ozsploitation 90’s cult film – BODY MELT.

Guests on the night will include actors Ian Smith, Neil Foley, Producer Daniel Sharf, Director Phillip Brophy and other cast and crew who are attending this special reunion screening. The night will be hosted by horror writer and Body Melt publicist Michael Helms and will include a Q&A with the cast & crew.