Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday


Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday, 1993

I’ve been looking forward to revisiting Part 9 as I had fond memories of Jason looking awesome and being tough. Unfortunately, it was quite lame. Was this shot for TV?? Even the Freddy glove at the end seemed really tacky. I guess when you’re a kid, it’s easier to get excited about things like that.

I can say, however, the whole thing was worth it just for the melting death scene. So sick.


Body Melt

Body Melt, 1993

One of my all time favourites. This was part of Monster Pictures’ Monster Fest and I got to get my DVD signed.. woohoo.

Monster Fest, Australia’s premiere cult film festival is proud to announce the Friday Fright Night screening at the Lido Cinema in Hawthorn at 9.30pm on 17th July will play host to a cast & crew reunion of the classic Ozsploitation 90’s cult film – BODY MELT.

Guests on the night will include actors Ian Smith, Neil Foley, Producer Daniel Sharf, Director Phillip Brophy and other cast and crew who are attending this special reunion screening. The night will be hosted by horror writer and Body Melt publicist Michael Helms and will include a Q&A with the cast & crew.

Cannibal! The Musical

Cannibal! The Musical, 1993

Still one of the best movies ever made. So far I’ve got every Australian release there’s been – a VHS and three DVDs.

Siren VHS, 1998

The VHS from 1998 is the only version of the film released in Australia that has the song Don’t Be Stupid included in it. There’s info on that scene at the Cannibal! The Musical official site.


Tribe DVD, 2000

The first DVD had the original 4:3 image on a 16:9 video – meaning the black bars on the side of the image are actually part of the video. Stupid. The video is PAL format, 720×576 50hz 16:9 6467kb/s (avg.), with 192kb/s AC3 audio. Here’s the special features included:

– Lloyd Kaufman introduction (eating soup at his desk)
– ‘Liquored Up Cannibals’ Commentary
– ‘Alternate’ introduction (starts with Toxie and Kubkiman on the street, then has Lloyd with his feet up on his desk; 2:14)
– Behind the scenes footage (four scenes)
– Cannibalistic Quips (interviews with Trey, Matt and Jason; 6:59)
– Alferd Packer trailer
– Cannibal! The Musical trailer
– A Cannibalistic Chorus (Song select as well as nine songs from Cannibal! live performance)

And all the standard Troma crap they chuck on their discs.

Stomp Visual, 2005

Stomp Visual DVD, 2005

The second release by Stomp Visual was better, with the video properly encoded as a 4:3 file. The video is NTSC format, 720×480 60hz 4:3 2729kb/s (avg.), with 192kb/s AC3 audio. It has all the same special features from the Tribe release, plus:

– Cannibal! The musical trailer
– A Cannibalistic Chorus (Nine songs from the live Cannibal! stage performance)

As well as a bunch of standard Troma extras.

Jigsaw DVD, 2010

The most recent release is again a fullframe NTSC version, 720×480 60hz 4:3 5798kb/s (avg.), with 224kb/s AC3 audio.

It’s without most of the special features from the previous two, but has some new interviews and a second commentary. It also has a new Lloyd Kaufman introduction, where Lloyd is trying to get exclusive fooage of Trey Parker (the Pope). The US Troma version of this 13th Anniversary Edition is a 2-disc set, so it looks like we’ve just had the second disc dropped (the disc name is even Cannibal_Disc1). In fact, there’s no mention of Jigsaw Entertainment anywhere on the disc/menus, and there’s even an FBI warning, so I reckon this is the exact disc from the US version; no changes made whatsoever.

There’s not really any difference between these screenshots (besides the black bars on the Tribe release), but since I wasted my time making them, here’s a comparison between the versions.


Siren VHS, 1998


Tribe DVD, 2000


Stomp DVD, 2005


Jigsaw DVD, 2010