Seven, 1995


Problem Child 3

Problem Child 3, 1995

Holy shit. Even though I knew this was going to be bad, I could never have expected it to be this bad.

You know that feeling when you watch the American version of The Office, and they try to make something funny but it’s not funny and instead of laughing you just wonder who could possibly have approved this and who ever found it funny and if they genuinely did find it funny then what the hell is wrong with them? And you know that they’re just trying to be like the English version of The Office, because it was clever and funny and enjoyable, but all they’re doing is coming off like a bunch of hacks?Well, that’s pretty much how I felt the entire time watching this. And it’s not like the first two Problem Child’s were that great anyway.

1/10 beans for the film. 10/10 beans to John Ritter and Michael Oliver for having the brains to turn down this heap of shit. And zero beans to William Katt, the guy who took over Ritter’s role, for being such a shit substitute.