Memento, 2000



Timecode, 2000

This was recommended to me by one of my film lecturers at Uni. Picked it up in October 2004 for $2 from Global Video, Narre Warren and have now watched it ten years later. I was pretty impressed. The screen is split into four frames,and each frame is one continuous shot, with no cuts or edits. Throughout the course of the 90 minute movie, the characters and cameras all cross paths and the stories intertwine. The sound comes and goes from each frame, as the filmmaker wants to direct your attention to a particular event, but audio often plays from multiple shots at once and it’s up to you to decide what to watch. It’s an interesting concept and they pulled it off really well, and for all the actors to go through the entire thing without screwing up their lines was amazing.

I thought the DVD might be cool, if you could switch angles to view each camera fullscreen, and choose the audio track, but according to some random on IMDB the DVD doesn’t have anything interesting like that. Hmph.

Overall, 7/10 beans, but if I was rating based purely on how ambitious the project was and how well they pulled it off? 9/10.