Panic Room


Panic Room, 2002


Blood Feast 2: All You Can Eat

Blood Feast 2, 2002

Righto! After the boring pace and equally boring (despite being gratuitous) gore of the original, I figured this 2002 sequel would have to be better, even though I’d heard it wasn’t. And of course – no, it wasn’t. Well, it was probably a bit better, in fact it definitely was. But it was still shit. I’m sure I’ve said this before, but a movie that tries to be funny and fails would have to be one of the biggest turn-offs in film for me. If it’s aiming for serious, but it’s so bad it’s funny, I can get into that. But tripe like Blood Feast 2 just makes me cringe. It was similar to a lot of Troma films in that way.

Even the kills, although very gory, are just boring. “Oh, yes her hand is getting minced up and the mince coming out is her hand, gross” but the shot goes on way too long to be of any interest. The highlight was definitely toward the end when Fuad tears a girl’s face right off. Then the fleshy skeleton lets out a scream, haha that was definitely worth sitting through the rest of this film for. But, I wouldn’t do it again. 2/10 beans.

Boring fact: I bought DVD this from Checkerboard in Prahran on the 23rd of Feb, 2007. It only took me 8 and a quarter years to watch it.