The Wicker Man


The Wicker Man, 2006

After thoroughly enjoying Nicholas Cage’s lunacy in Bad Lieutenant, and knowing of the famous ‘not the bees’ scene, I’d been looking forward to seeing this. Unfortunately, as it turns out the bees scene is only in the unrated cut, not the theatrical cut as included on this DVD. There were still some great moments (the burnt doll, the bear suit, the double-dream sequence, numerous bad quotes) but I as really looking forward to the bees.


Silent Hill


Silent Hill, 2006

I had heard that this wasn’t bad, but the sequel was total turd. Interesting, because this sucked… too much ‘creepy for the sake of creepy’ rather than genuinely creepy things/scenes… also it really felt like a video game movie. Following a woman around exploring hallways and buildings constantly on the tail of a little girl who remains just out of sight… yawn.