Silent Hill: Revelation


Silent Hill: Revelation, 2012

How many failed jump scares can they squeeze in to one movie??




Sinister, 2012

Fairly decent, until the point where he zooms in on a crisp, clear shot of Mr Boogie in the handheld Super 8 footage he recorded off a DIY projector screen with his camcorder. I mean, I can definitely overlook something like that, but it annoys me, and it seemed like there were lots of things from that point on that were stupid. The end was the worst. A bunch of kids with shit face paint doing ‘creepy’ poses at the camera… ugh.

Cabin In The Woods


Cabin In The Woods, 2012

“Blu-ray + Digital Copy”… interesting that the digital copy comes as a second disc, and you have to insert it into a computer, choose iTunes or Windows Media Player format, unlock your file using the code from the leaflet (I purchased this brand new and sealed, and there’s no leaflet), then transfer the file to your portable device before watching. Wow, digital films are so convenient!