Splatter Bible

Some time in 1992, I bought a horror magazine called TerrorZone from a local newsagency. Filled with interviews, reviews, previews, and other general horror junk. Heaps of cool pictures, and even a couple of posters (which still adorn my walls!). It was really awesome and I cherished it. It was the third issue. Never saw the first two, and I never saw another one, but this one lasted me years. I’ve still got various cuttings/pages floating around (not many though). Attached to the front cover was a little A6 booklet called the Splatter Bible: The 50 Greatest Horror Movies Ever Made. From the first page:

Ever since the rise of home video in the late seventies, terrifying, gory, disgusting, evil, deadly, bloodsplattered and ghastly happenings have become a way of life for videomaniacs around the world.

That’s why TerrorZone has produced the Splatter Bible – your guide to the greatest gore flicks! We’ve included all the classics, with the added attraction of a few you might not have heard of but which will definitely give you a kick!


They had little symbols that would appear beside each film to tell you what kind of movie it was – sci-fi, splatter, thriller, etc. I’d seen a bunch of these flicks, but there were heaps I’d never heard of. So, over time I would hunt them time and try to see them all. Being pre-internet, it wasn’t as easy as just punching the title into Google. I’d scour the video shelves looking for particular titles that had stood out to me. Even now, 22 years later, there’s still a few that I’ve never gotten around to seeing. So, this page will list the movies from the Splatter Bible, and I’ll link the ones which I’ve seen. There’ll be some that I’ve seen, but aren’t on this blog, which I will indicate in bold.

One thing that always troubled me, was that they aren’t 50 movies in here! If you count every single film in the Bible, there’s more than 50, but if you group them together into series (ie. Evil Dead 1, 2 and 3 count as ‘one’ movie) there’s under 50! So, that always bugged me. Anyway, here’s the list!

Alien 3
Alone In The Dark
An American Werewolf In London
Amityville Horror
Amityville Horror II
Amityville 3-D
Basket Case
Basket Case II
Basket Case III
Blood Diner
Child’s Play
Child’s Play II
Child’s Play III
Deep Red
Evil Dead
Evil Dead II
Army Of Darkness
Friday The 13th
Friday The 13th II
Friday The 13th III
Friday The 13th The Final Chapter
Friday The 13th V: A New Beginning
Friday The 13th VI: Jason Lives
Friday The 13th VII: A New Blood
From Beyond
Halloween II
Halloween III: The Season Of The Witch
Halloween 4: The Return Of Michael Myers
Happy Birthday To Me
Hellraiser II: Hellbound
Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth
I Drink Your Blood
I Spit On Your Grave
Killer Party
Last House On The Left
The Lost Boys
Lunch Meat
A Nightmare On Elm Street
A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge
A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors
A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master
A Nightmare On Elm Street 5: The Dream Child
A Nightmare On Elm Street 6: Freddy’s Dead
The Omen
Damien: Omen II
The Omen III – The Final Conflict
The Omen IV: The Awakening
Psycho II
Psycho III
Psycho IV
Re-Animator II
Rest In Pieces
Scanners II
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III
The Thing
The Unnamable


3 thoughts on “Splatter Bible

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  2. There it is!! I’ve been looking for this online for years, haven’t laid eyes on it until now!
    Like you, this was the only horror mag I had as a kid, and had to hide it from my parents haha. You’ve really jogged my memory of this, especially the little icons for each genre.
    Don’t suppose you could scan in a few pages to look at?
    Anyway thanks again for posting this!

    • Hey mate!! Yeah I hadn’t ever seen any other mention of this, nor TerrorZone in general, online anywhere. Would love to know how many issues they did, and see some others.

      Gimme a few days and I’ll try and scan something in, maybe I’ll even scan the whole thing into a PDF! I’ll take a look over the weekend.

      Thanks for the comment, it’s awesome to know I’ve finally contributed something useful to the Internet!

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